Getting Approved

Getting Approved

All our work is done with NO upfront cost or obligation. If, upon receiving your expected recovery amount, you wish to proceed, then there will be a nominal processing fee that will be REFUNDED once you receive cash in hand.

If you decide not to pursue the ERC, then we will charge the processing fee only if we are successful.

How long does all this take?
On average we will have a qualified estimate within 2 weeks from the day we receive ALL the required documents AND the signed fee agreement. Then we send you all the completed work and we assist you in making sure it gets overnight mailed to the correct address. Once the IRS receives it understand that they are taking between 3 – 4 months to process the entire package. Understand it could take longer, but it is free money! They will send you a paper check in the mail to the business address.

Pay The Better Choice Lenders and you’re done! The fee for all our services is only 10% of the refund amount. That amount is due and payable to us 24 hours after you receive the refund. You will be provided with a separate Fee Agreement that needs to be dated, signed, and returned.

Example: If we can get you a refund of $100,000 when you receive your refund, we only get our 10% or $10,000 from you and you keep the $90,000! We expect payment 24-48 hours after you receive your refund.

Is the ERC taxable income?
No. It is not.

However, it does require that you amend previous years’ tax returns, which may result in a nominal tax for those years.

If You Get No Refund, We Don’t Get Paid!!
No work on any file starts until ALL the required documentation and the signed Fee Agreement is received.